Customer Relationship Management (CRM)


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a customer-centric strategy used by an enterprise to develop strong relationships with its customers. CRM processes typically involve a combination of methodologies and technologies used to collect and analyze information about customers and market trends. This information helps the business learn about, and gain an understanding of, the customer’s needs and behaviors. Sales and marketing of products/ services are more effective when there is a deep knowledge of the customer’s needs, perceptions, and behaviors. These strategies help establish quality, long-term relationships that add to the company’s bottom line.

Companies interact with customers in a myriad of ways including: call centers, brick and mortar stores, Web sites, marketing and advertising. An effective CRM strategy involves collecting information that characterizes the relationships and interactions the company has with each one of its customers. This information can consist of operational data (e.g. sales, Web visits, inventory, etc.) and analytical information (lifetime value, business/life-cycle, segmentation, predictive modeling, etc.). When combined and analyzed, these data provide a holistic view of each customer and enables the company to identify customer needs and ways to satisfy those needs to improve the relationship. Improved relationships lead to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty, and lead to increases in customer lifetime value to the company.

Inteletix helps you optimize your customer interactions and relationships for increased profits.

  • Generate reliable information to anticipate and identify customer needs, wants, and buying patterns
  • Target customers effectively for sales, advertising, and promotional campaigns
  • Statistically prequalify customers with predictive models to boost sales conversions
  • Prepare customer facing agents with the knowledge to improve every interaction
  • Analyze relationship enhancing data
  • Build strong, lasting relationships
  • Boost customer lifetime value
  • Precisely target customers for special programs and handling
  • Profile customers
  • Segment customers
  • Build a customer relationship centric database
  • Share key customer information throughout the enterprise.
  • Generate and share reports

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Inteletix gives you a 360° view of your customers.