Ideal Solutions

Predictive Analytics.

Target and prequalify customers with statistical models that predict customer behavior (purchase, churn, etc.) before it happens...

Web Analytics.

Optimize your website using key performance indicators that facilitate ROI measurement, landing pages enhancement, page content adjustment, navigational improvement, and increase conversion rate...

Enterprise Solution

Enterprise Predictive Modeling Platform Predictive Modeling Platform.

Inteletix’s Enterprise Predictive Modeling Platform addresses the need for a fully dedicated predictive analytics system that integrates every aspect of modeling, from conception to application of model output. ....

Solutions with Significant ROI



Atlanta data mining services and solutions

Data Mining.

Uncover gems of information and knowledge useful for data driven decisions.. .


Atlanta marketing research services increase ROI

Marketing Research.

Manage your customer’s needs to enhance growth and boost lifetime value...

Atlanta online marketing (SEM) services.

Web Marketing.

Manage customer relationships on your website to increase lifetime value ...


Atlanta social network analysis (SNA)

Social Network Analysis.

Measure the success of your Enterprise 2.0 implementation for maximized ROI...


Inteletix Tackles Tough Analytics Issues Critical to Continuous Improvement and Success in Highly Competitive, Customer-Focused Markets.

Data driven decisions are at the heart of success in today’s highly competitive marketplace. Well executed analytics can unlock the knowledge and insights needed to support the strategies and decisions made throughout an enterprise. Actionable analytics provides a way to continuously monitor health, guide growth and development, and set goals in a well run company.