Increase ROI with powerful analytics services and products

Inteletix offers a unique collection of expert analytics services that address many business "pain points" and that are in great demand yet hard to find in one company .

By building on core strengths, Inteletix has developed deep knowledge and expertise in the following areas: predictive analytics (including modeling [heuristic, probabilistic, structural equation]), CRM, data mining, market research, BI (KPI, metrics, trends, key-drivers analyses, "what if" analyses and forecasting), search engine marketing, and multivariate statistics. Inteletix offeres consulting services in all of these areas.


Our expert contractors will work closely with your teams, or independently, to ensure that your project is a success. Contractors can work on- or off-site, and on a project or hourly basis to get the job done. Project managers are provided as needed and all contractors are backed by the collective expertise and knowledge of the entire company.


With the ability to rapidly identify and size-up a problem, we quickly execute appropriate solutions and translate the complex analytical methodologies into simple terms for the client. This helps explain and socialize the benefits of internal clients embracing the new solution. If desired, we also provide supplementary training and informative presentations to assist in a smooth transition and complete understanding of how a solution can be used to improve employee successes.


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Featured Services

Marketing Research.

The strategies and tactics of marketing research focus on customer needs, and the development and maintenance of value for both the customer and company.

Predictive Analytics.

Predictive analytics (aka predictive modeling) enables a company to determine the likely occurance of specific events. Predictions of customer/prospect behaviors are of particular interest. Knowing when or if a customer is likely to purchase a product, or to churn, is valuable information. It enables a company to segment and differentially to treat customers in order to provide for their needs and capitalize on the behavior.


Have An Existing BI or CRM System?

Customers have such highly varied and unique analytics needs that no existing off-the-shelf solution will fit every customer adequately. This creates an analytics gap that must be filled by highly skilled internal or consulting resources. The gap represents a unique niche, where specialists, like Inteletix, excel and can add substantial value impacting sustainable competitive advantage.