About Inteletix Corporation

Atlanta CRM services enable growth in a competitive marketplace.

Inteletix History

Inteletix is an Atlanta based company that was founded in 1992 by Dr. David D. Pope while on the faculty at The University of Georgia. Since its inception, Inteletix has grown into an industry leader offering sophisticated analytics, business...

Atlanta marketing research focuses on customer lifetime value.

Inteletix Qualifications

Leveraging a strong background in research, we focus on synthesizing business intelligence through practical use of traditional and artificial intelligence technologies, advanced statistics, state-of-the-art analytical tools/techniques, and custom ...

Atlanta social network analysis visualizes and quantifies hidden interactions.

Mission Statement

Assist our business clients to reach their full potential to grow efficiently, compete aggressively, and maximize profitability.



Atlanta predictive modeling boosts profitability.

Vision Statement

In order to provide world-class analytics and marketing solutions to our clients, we will continually strive for excellence. We value creativity and innovation and cultivate it to provide the best practical solutions to complex business challenges...