Quantitative Solutions For a Competitive Environment

Inteletix Corp. is a leader in synthesizing and analyzing data for Fortune 500 companies. Knowledge and insights gained from cutting-edge analytics provide fact-based decision support for enterprise-wide strategies and complex business challenges.

Profits are impacted by the quantity and quality of knowledge that go into forming corporate strategies and making business process decisions on a daily basis. The magnitude of latent knowledge lying undeveloped or underutilized within corporate processes and data systems is staggering. With the right mix of targeted analytics, customer relationship management, business intelligence, data mining, social network analysis, and customer focused business process management, the wasted secrets locked up in the data can be turned into a valuable corporate asset with significant impact on profitability.


Good data can be turned into good decisions at all corporate levels. C-level executives gain reliable quantitative support for developing and socializing strategies. Middle management benefit from fact-based support for their daily responsibilities (CRM, marketing strategies, dashboard management, metrics, churn reduction, web marketing, website visitor experience enhancement, conversion rate maximization, pricing strategies, credit worthiness, logistics optimization, product launches, call-center management, customer service policies, advertising and sales campaign management, fraud detection, and many more). Customer facing employees can be provided with invaluable information and tools to better serve customer needs and strengthen relationships. Sales resources are enabled with deeper insights into customer behaviors and needs that maximize sales.


C-level executives can now measure, visualize and better manage the internal flow of knowledge and information critical to success. Social network analysis (SNA), aka organizational network analysis) provides the ability to monitor collaborations and the effectiveness of the relationships among its employees and other interacting entities. The ability to impact how knowledge is spread and used.


Ultimately, customers and employees have better experiences. Customer and employee satisfaction increases. Customer loyalty and lifetime value are elevated. ROI is maximized.


Highly competitive and volatile market environments are driving companies to gain advantage by leveraging a wealth of actionable information and knowledge within easy reach or locked away in existing data stores. Inteletix has the leadership and experience to provide solutions to all these analytics challenges. learn more

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