Who We Are



Inteletix is an Atlanta based company that was founded in 1992 by Dr. David D. Pope while on the faculty at The University of Georgia. Since its inception, Inteletix has grown into an industry leader offering sophisticated analytics, business intelligence, customer relationship engineering, marketing, knowledge discovery, and decision support products and services for Fortune 500 Companies. Originally known as Intelligent Strategies and Information Solutions, Inc., the company underwent rebranding in 2008 to more appropriately showcase the strengths and benefits of our services and solutions in today’s highly competitive environment.


Leveraging a strong background in research, we focus on synthesizing business intelligence through practical use of traditional and artificial intelligence technologies, advanced statistics, state-of-the-art analytical tools/techniques, and custom designed models and algorithms. Using a rigorous, structured approach to problem solving, meaningful fact-based guidance can be provided for strategy development and decision support.

Inteletix specializes in developing innovative, cutting-edge solutions to the most challenging aspects of: data mining, database and web marketing, market targeting and segmentation, customer profiles and lifetime value, predicting customer behavior, pattern recognition, choice identification and characterization, system optimization, process control, and more. Whatever the approach or technology involved in the analysis of information, the goal is to uncover existing cause-and-effect relationships and translate these findings into the language of decision making.

We firmly believe that finding, keeping, and training creative, highly skilled specialists is key to our success. This single belief distinguishes and drives Inteletix to serve its clients effectively by ensuring that clients receive superior results, in a timely and cost effective manner.

Clients include:


Mission Statement

Assist our business clients to reach their full potential to grow efficiently, compete aggressively, and maximize profitability.


Vision Statement

In order to provide world-class analytics and marketing solutions to our clients, we will continually strive for excellence. We value creativity and innovation and cultivate it to provide the best practical solutions to complex business challenges. As we continue to evolve as the preeminent leader in guiding companies to greater success, we will establish and nurture mutually beneficial relationships for long-term, sustained growth.

E-mail: info@inteletix.com