Web Analytics and Web Marketing


Web analytics involves the study of website user behaviors. Among other things, these analytics can be used to attract more visitors, improve conversion rate, retain or attract more customers, increase the amount each customer spends, improve loyalty, and drive lifetime value.

Users visit your website for a variety of reasons. They may come from other sites and browse, download white papers, drill-down into, click through, drop-off quickly, or purchase a product. When a user arrives at your website they exhibit characteristic behaviors. Their actions provide valuable clues as to their intent, interest, potential value, and engagement in your site and products. Every second spent browsing and every click made on your pages can provide deep user intelligence and insight into these behaviors. Techniques exist to collect and analyze data concerning all aspects of their interactions with your site. Interpretations of these data present opportunities for you to adapt your site’s appearance, content, and responses to optimize the user’s experiences and increase conversion rate.

It is becoming more common to include web marketing (a subset of web analytics) as part of customer relationship management (CRM) analytics with a goal of increasing the revenue-to-marketing costs. Blending web analytics with offline customer data allows profiles and predictive (behavioral) models to be built. The predictive nature of behavioral models provides a powerful opportunity to know how a user can respond to specific offers, site configurations, and product mixes before they actually encounter them. With this advance information you can determine which products a specific customer is most likely to purchase and promote these. Website structure and content can be dynamically modified to provide repeat users with highly customized site interactions. Improved website experiences can strengthen relationships, increase lifetime value, and drive profit.

If you have a website and do not need to link web marketing with brick and mortar marketing efforts, you can still make adjustments to your site that optimize organic search engine ranking results using Search Engine Marketing (SEM) techniques. SEM also involves the optional use of pay programs that can further improve your site's visibility. The net result is to drive more visitors to your web site. Sales increase as well as other conversions (downloads, sign-ups, subscriptions, etc.).

Here are some of the many questions we can help you answer with Web analytics:

  • How can I optimize paid search marketing (pay per click) with Search Engine Marketing (SEM)?
  • How can I drive more visitors to my site with Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Is my message relevant?
  • How can I use my customers to optimize my website structure and content?
  • How can customers be segmented for differential treatment?
  • What is the likelihood that a customer will repurchase a product?
  • How much is spent by the different customer segments?
  • From what geographic regions did the most and the least visitors come, and what products were purchased?
  • How can I identify my preferred users?
  • How can I differentially target my preferred users?
  • How do I increase revenue from the home or landing page?
  • What is the product that a customer is most likely to purchase next? Least Likely?
  • Which are the most effective keywords to buy?
  • How can I decrease the cost of acquiring a customer?
  • What is the click-through and drilldown behavior of customers?
  • Why do visitors behave the way they do on the site?
  • Are web marketing results similar to those from other traditional channels? And, can they be integrated for a “complete 360” view?
  • What is my customer satisfaction level?
  • Can I engage my users more?
  • What is the likelihood that a visitor returning to my site will be ready to buy?
  • Which are my most valuable customers?
  • How can I optimize campaigns across major search engines?
  • How do I leverage my key performance indicators?

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